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Paintless Dent Repair

We have all had the bad experience of door dings from shopping carts or from a careless driver getting out of their car in a parking lot. This is an unfortunate part of vehicle ownership. These dents can be unsightly and they can significantly decrease the value of your vehicle.

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Paintless dent repair is an ecological solution

LS Restoration Technology can help you with its Paintless dent repair (PDR) service.

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is an ecologically friendly collection of cost-efficient techniques for removing a wide range of minor dings, dents, creases and hail damage from the body of motor vehicles without the use of paints or fillers.

Most consumers will consider traditional bodywork to address dings and dents without being aware of the advantages and benefits that PDR can offer.

Whether you are selling, returning a leased vehicle, returning a rental or simply want to keep your vehicle looking good you can benefit from the cost efficient alternative that is PDR. Removing all minor cosmetic damages to you vehicle with PDR, will increase the value of your property at the time of sale, trade-in or lease return while avoiding expensive end of lease penalties.
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Economical and fast repair

PDR vs Conventional Body Work

Body shops can charge anywhere from $600-$800 to repair one panel while most of our PDR can cost a fraction of that cost.

While cost is the major difference between PDR and conventional body work, there are other numerous benefits to consider when choosing PDR with LS Restoration Technology.

PDR eliminates the possibility of mismatched paint colour, sanding marks and the use body fillers and harmful chemicals to the environment.

PDR is a rapid process often completed while you wait. .
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Experienced technician
to take care of it

Choose a Qualified PDR Technician

Not all dings and dents are created equally. Nor are PDR technicians.

It takes proper training and years of experience for a PDR technician to become an expert in his craft. Determining the best way to remove a ding, crease or minor dent takes knowledge and experience to ensure flawless results. If an unskilled technician pushes too hard when repairing a dent, the sheet metal will over stretch, the paint will split and the repair is ruined.

At LS Restoration Technology you will benefit from the workmanship of an experienced technician trained abroad with seasoned master craftsman in the art of sheet metal shaping. A longstanding partnership with major car dealers, body shops, insurance adjustors, car enthusiasts and car owners has lead to a solid knowledge of the craft with a profound passion and respect for the art.
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Before repair - A reflection source to visualise damage

How it's done

Understanding the PDR process is simple, but performing it correctly is another matter.

A reflection source is essential to properly visualise the damaged area. A repair can be performed by gaining access to the inner panel with crafted tools or by applying a glue pulling technique to the exterior of the panel pulling the dents out. Although we take great pride in our no drill policy, this process maybe ultimately necessary to gain access to a damaged area when options are very limited. Rest assured this option is handled professionally.

A skilled technician uses pin point hand-eye coordination to precisely locate the tip of the tool on the exact location of the damaged area. While using controlled pressure, your dented panel is meticulously restored without sacrificing your vehicles factory finish, thus regaining your vehicle resale value.

Contributing factors for how successful a repair maybe are dependant on how sharp the dent is, how flexible the paint is, on the amount of metal that has been stretched by the damage incurred and where the dent is located. PDR may be used on aluminum, magnesium and conventional steel sheet metal panels.
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After repair - Save time and money


In addition, our mobile service provides a suitable solution that saves you time and money because we come to your house.

Bring us your leased vehicle before turn-in time for a Free Estimate!
Selling or Trading In Your Vehicle?

Auto Leasing Customers Save $100"s! Avoid Lease Termination Penalties!
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What is paintless dent repair PDR?
Paintless dent repair is otherwise known as PDR. This is a process used by technicians to remove dents from the vehicle without having to use fillers or paint on the vehicle. The technicians apply pressure and leverage to the backside of the panel and massage the dents out while keeping the factory paint finish intact. There is no sanding, or body fillers or painting involved.
A glue pull technique may be an option depending on the location and severity of damage.

What size dents can be removed with this process?
It is more important to know how sharp or how deep the dent is. Flexibility of the paint, the amount the metal that has been stretched by the damage and where a dent is located is more important than how large a dent is.

We specialize in parking lot damage – door dings, golf ball and baseball impacts, as well as hail damage.

What if the paint is cracked or chipped?
Often what many people perceive as a chip or scratch will often just be an abrasion from what ever had impacted it. These can usually be polished or rubbed out to a large degree when we remove the dent. If the paint is chipped down to the primer or steel, the dent is removed and applying a factory touch up will make for a very satisfactory repair.

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